Patty and Adolfo

Although I do not photograph weddings (too stressful), I do LOVE them! I am one of those girls who watches all those cable wedding shows. You know them -Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding, etc. And I will pretty much look at pictures from any wedding. Six years ago I had a lot of fun planning my own wedding. So when Patty and Adolfo came to me to take some AFTER their wedding pictures, I was super excited. They did have a photographer at their wedding, but Patty wasn’t really happy with any of the portrait pictures. She wanted something to display on her walls at home. So she put her dress back on (which by the way I was secretly jealous of- who wouldn’t want to wear their dress twice!), bought another bouquet and boutonniere, and got her man to get all dressed up too. I think we got some great shots of this beautiful couple. The best part was they were up for anything and really fun to work with. Congrats Patty and Adolfo!

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